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Artistic credit for the header goes to alumna Amanda Ronnquist 

Relative Effectiveness of Four Different Guards In Preventing Beaver Cutting of Urban Trees

C. Westbrook, Kirby England

Environmental Management, 2022

Quantifying relative contributions of source waters from a subalpine wetland to downstream water bodies

J. Hathaway, C. Westbrook, R. Rooney, R. Petrone, L. Langs

Hydrological Processes, 2022

Beavers in the Boreal: A lodge census of Besnard Lake

Cherie J Westbrook, Zachary Waldner, Elston Dzus, Connie Dzus, Nichole-Lynn Stoll

Blue Jay, vol. 80, 2022, pp. 6--12

Beaver dams: How structure, flow state, and landscape setting regulate water storage and release.

A. Rønnquist, C. Westbrook

Science of the Total Environment, 2021

Hydrological functioning of a beaver dam sequence and regional dam persistence during an extreme rainstorm

C. Westbrook, A. Rønnquist, A. Bedard-Haughn

Hydrological Processes, 2020

Beaver dam capacity of Canada’s boreal plain in response to environmental change

Nichole-Lynn Stoll, C. Westbrook

Scientific Reports, 2020

Beaver dam analogue configurations influence stream and riparian water table dynamics of a degraded spring‐fed creek in the Canadian Rockies

T. Munir, C. Westbrook

Rivers Research and Applications: an international journal devoted to river research and management, 2020

Beavers as Agents of Landscape Change

C. Westbrook

Environmental Science, 2019

Biomic river restoration: A new focus for river management

Matthew F. Johnson, C. Thorne, J. Castro, G. Kondolf, C. Mazzacano, S. Rood, C. Westbrook

Rivers Research and Applications: an international journal devoted to river research and management, 2019


S. C. Streich, C. Westbrook

Hydrological Processes, 2019

Hydrological functions of a peatland in a Boreal Plains catchment

A. Goodbrand, C. Westbrook, G. Kamp

Hydrological Processes, 2018

Beaver‐mediated water table dynamics in a Rocky Mountain fen

D. Karran, C. Westbrook, A. Bedard-Haughn


Beaver Dams Induce Hyporheic and Biogeochemical Changes in Riparian Areas in a Mountain Peatland

Xiaoyue Wang, E. Shaw, C. Westbrook, A. Bedard-Haughn

Wetlands, 2018

Alteration of hydrogeomorphic processes by invasive beavers in southern South America.

C. Westbrook, D. Cooper, C. Anderson

Science of the Total Environment, 2017

A modelling framework to simulate field‐scale nitrate response and transport during snowmelt: The WINTRA model

D. Costa, Jennifer Roste, J. Pomeroy, H. Baulch, J. Elliott, H. Wheater, C. Westbrook


Beaver Mediated Water Table Dynamics in Mountain Peatlands

D. Karran, C. Westbrook, A. Bedard-Haughn


Rapid Surface Water Volume Estimations in Beaver Ponds

D. Karran, C. Westbrook, J. Wheaton, C. Johnston, A. Bedard-Haughn


The changing water cycle: the Boreal Plains ecozone of Western Canada

A. Ireson, A. Barr, J. Johnstone, S. Mamet, G. van der Kamp, C. Whitfield, N. Michel, R. North, C. Westbrook, C. DeBeer, K. Chun, A. Nazemi, J. Sagin


Distribution of Canadian Rocky Mountain Wetlands Impacted by Beaver

Alasdair Morrison, C. Westbrook, A. Bedard-Haughn

Wetlands (Wilmington, N.C.), 2015

Effects of in-channel beaver impoundments on mercury bioaccumulation in Rocky Mountain stream food webs

K. Painter, C. Westbrook, B. Hall, N. O’Driscoll, T. Jardine


Hydrological regime changes in a Canadian Prairie basin

Stacey Dumanski, J. Pomeroy, C. Westbrook


12.20 Beaver Hydrology and Geomorphology

C. Westbrook, D. Cooper, D. Butler


Is ecohydrology missing much of the zoo?

C. Westbrook, W. Veatch, Alasdair Morrison


Assessing large spatial scale landscape change effects on water quality and quantity response in the lower Athabasca River basin

Nicole E. Seitz, C. Westbrook, M. Dubé, Allison J. Squires

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 2013

Effects of classification approaches on CRHM model performance

Xulin Guo, J. Pomeroy, X. Fang, S. Lowe, Zhaoqin Li, C. Westbrook, A. Minke


Beaver assisted river valley formation

C. Westbrook, D. Cooper, B. W. Baker


An approach for assessing cumulative effects in a model river, the Athabasca River basin

Allison J. Squires, C. Westbrook, M. Dubé

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 2010

Simplified Volume-Area-Depth Method for Estimating Water Storage of Prairie Potholes

A. Minke, C. Westbrook, G. Kamp

Wetlands (Wilmington, N.C.), 2010

Prediction of snowmelt derived streamflow in a wetland dominated prairie basin

X. Fang, J. Pomeroy, C. Westbrook, Xulin Guo, A. Minke, T. Brown


Prairie Hydrological Model Study Progress Report, December 2008

J. Pomeroy, C. Westbrook, X. Fang, T. Brown, A. Minke, Xuan Guo



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