Cherie Westbrook


Rocky Mountain Ecohydrology Research Group

Current Members

PhD Candidate

Exploring the influence of winter conditions on carbon flux dynamics of Canadian Rocky Mountain peatlands

PhD Candidate

Quantifying how beaver activity influences peatland plant productivity and evapotranspiration

MSc Student (co-supervisor Bram Noble)

Examining current practice in the use of environmental assessment as a tool for managing the impacts of mining on wetlands

MSc Student

Scrutinizing how surface water flows are routed through large beaver dam complexes

MSc Student (co-supervisor Glynnis Hood)

Developing an ecohydrological model capable of handing the complexities created by beaver dams

Research Assistant

Measuring and modelling all things beaver-y while keeping the research group on track, moving toward our goals

Research Assistant

Measuring and analyzing complex groundwater-surface water interactions of beaver-inhabited mountain peatlands

Social Media Coordinator

Capturing precious moments of shared hydrology and turning them into fantastic social content for the Department of Geography and Planning!

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Coder extraordinaire, working to wrangle the hundreds of 1000s of images and video captured by our DamCam network
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