Cherie Westbrook


Beaver Ecohydro Lab

Current Members

PhD Candidate
Exploring the influence of winter conditions on carbon flux dynamics of Canadian Rocky Mountain peatlands

PhD Candidate
Quantifying how beaver activity influences peatland plant productivity using drones

MSc Student (co-supervisor Bram Noble)
Examining current practice in the use of environmental assessment as a tool for managing the impacts of mining on wetlands

MSc Student
Scrutinizing how surface water flows are routed through large beaver dam complexes

MSc Student
Examining how a mountain peatland and its associated beaver ponds mitigates anticipated increased upland runoff in the early post-harvest years

MSc Student
Analyzing the water force beaver dams can endure before failing

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Quantifying aboveground biomass harvests to inform biomass prediction from drone acquired imagery

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Building an online platform so that YOU can become involved in our project documenting seasonal use of beaver dams as travel corridors for wildlife

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Available
Coder extraordinaire, working to wrangle the hundreds of 1000s of images captured by the public on our Castor Tracker network and showcase them on a project website

MSc & PhD positions available for September 2024
Graduate student opportunities are available to contribute to a fully-funded project aimed at advancing the use of beavers as a nature-based solution to manage the impacts of climate change. Individual graduate projects involve: 1) assessing how the location of a pond-leveling device within a beaver dam network affects ponding, downstream connectivity, channel-floodplain connectivity, and beaver activities; 2) exploring determinants of beaver site occupancy and the environmental feedbacks that help maximize beaver dam network persistence and their hydrological impacts (co-supervised by Glynnis Hood); and 3) determining how beaver dams built in a network pattern capture spring runoff and store flows as groundwater for release during the drier summer months.
Logo and header photo credit: alumna Amanda Ronnquist

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